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Mission Statements:

— To support the professionalization of interpreters, helping them improve their knowledge, skills and abilities, and to provide training that fosters the development of culturally competent translators and bilingual personnel.

— To promote culturally and linguistically appropriate communication in healthcare, legal, finance, government, education, and business settings.



A Sworn-Certified English↔Spanish Translator & Interpreter, I have logged some 15,000 hours of interpreting work (about 3,000 in simultaneous and 12,000 in consecutive) and have translated more than 10 million words during 35+ years of experience in Latin America and the USA.

I am now a Trainer of working and professional translators and interpreters,and bilingual personnel aspiring to enter the interpreting and translation industry; my online sessions are designed as a path to the progressive acquisition of knowledge and skills, with practical information and tools to encourage professionalism and quality assurance.

A volunteer Translator for Grameen Foundation, working to end poverty in
the world, I also invite you to check our volunteer website at: (Grameen Foundation’s purpose is to provide access to transformative small loans and technology solutions to help struggling families break the cycle of poverty.)

Most important of all, my pride in life are my two fantastic grown-up sons and
most beautiful grandchildren!

Cell: +1-786-216-2220
Skype: Claudiabrauer

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