Helping Ukraine: let’s support Kyiv’s “Good Bread” Bakery

Why? “Before the war, we gave people with mental disabilities – autism, intellectual disability, and Down syndrome – a chance to socialize. But the war changed everything.” When the war started, “we stopped selling our cakes and croissants and started to bake and distribute bread for free to anyone in need. Bread is given to soldiers of the Armed Forces and Territorial Defense, the police, people on the liberated territories, and those who live in destroyed houses.”


“The Bread Givers is a fundraising campaign for the social bakery Good Bread. Become a Bread Giver and allow Good Bread to operate for a week. You can help to produce approx. 3000 loaves of bread per week and give them a voice to tell their stories during these times of war. Let’s help people to help themselves.”


“Before the war, the inclusive bakery ‘Good Bread’ in Kyiv helped former residents of rehabilitation centers find jobs. People with mental disabilities learned to bake bread and pastries here. In parallel, the team joined city initiatives, like preparing lunches for the homeless or making cupcakes for the elderly. Supporting businesses after the full-scale Russian invasion was not easy. But thanks to volunteers, the bakery was even able to buy equipment to cook faster and in larger quantities. Bakers are now giving fresh bread for free to the military and territorial defense, retired persons, and hospitals.”

“Good Bread is a social bakery in Kyiv (Ukraine), that bakes up to 800 loaves of bread every day and donates them to hospital patients, soldiers, police, elderly people, and families with children who decided to stay in Kyiv. Volunteers deliver bread to subway stations and shelters. Good Bread was founded by Vladislav Malashchenko as a social business, the mission was to give people with mental disabilities an opportunity to work.”

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“We are baking bread under the sounds of the air alert for people who defend Ukraine and whose lives were destroyed by Russian aggression. Before the war, Good bread gave people with mental disabilities – autism, intellectual disability, and Down syndrome – a chance to socialize.”
Phone: +380638972052
Industry: Philanthropic Fundraising Services
Company size:11-50 employees
Founded: 2017″