What is “CLAS”?

What is “CLAS”? Read my blog post at ProZ.com Translator T.O.

Guest blog post at ProZ.com Translator T.O.



CLAS is the acronym for Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services. The term was originally born from the Office of Minority Health of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In the United States, CLAS Standards for healthcare fall within varying levels of stringency, including federal mandates, general guidelines, and recommendations in three frameworks: Culturally Competent Care, Language Access Services, and Organizational Supports for Cultural Competency.

Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services, CLAS, encompasses a group of policies, behaviors and attitudes that allow professionals, companies, and government agencies to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. CLAS also refers to services that are respectful of the beliefs and practices of diverse populations and are responsive to the cultural and linguistic needs of those individuals, requiring workforce and providers to acquire or enhance their ability to understand and respond effectively to multicultural clients and patients.

Although initially CLAS referred to the healthcare industry in America, the concept has acquired a much wider application and has been adopted, adapted and localized by other countries and by many government agencies throughout the world. Additionally, similar standards have been adopted by others in the public and private sectors, including the legal environment, the educational establishment, financial services and the business world in general.

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2 thoughts on “What is “CLAS”?

  1. I am so please to discover this sight Claudia! After a couple of cognitive setbacks from brain injury I continue to be bilingual, but unable to serve as the medical-interpreter for Women’s Health as I once did. In fact, interpreting as a volunteer for the DE Medical Reserve Corps proved to drive my immerse-and-learn journey towards the Avondale, PA “Mushroom Communities” [support groups]; through the State of DE (Sussex County) on breast and cervical cancer pre-screening prevention; and as a guest student [community college nursing dept]-Transcultural & Community Health & study abroad- Yucatecan & Mayan Village health service provision as the social justice chair from the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic Affairs (GACHA). I wrote a white-paper that mirrored (via DE sample) what the 1st NIH Think Tank released in, 2012 US Assessment. Eventually, after a year of guest lecturing I was offered an adjunct position, affording me the opportunity to impart what I gleaned. Congratulations on your courage and energy in making this blog a labor of love & platform of foundational knowledge. Good for you and thank you so much for making this seasoned woman proud. Blessings over all your endeavors.

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